Best software for lifting equipment inspection

There are many advantages which are related to lifting equipment inspection. It fulfills the government requirements and also ensures that the equipment remains up to the mark. The lifting equipment is a very sensitive subject and therefore it means that it should work in its best form to get the work done easily. The fact of the matter is that such inspection is essential as it leads to awesome and state of the art results as well as fewer fatalities. Manual inspection of JIB crane can also be done with ease. However, it is never recommended. The software programs should be used for such inspection which has increased abilities. The software programs of such kind also make sure that the issue of human error is completely eliminated. These inspection programs also get the results in form of a report. Such reports can also be compiled to calculate the depreciation value at the end of each year. In this way, if a manufacturer change or maintenance of the machine is required the concept becomes easy. These inspection programs are highly reliable and must be purchased by every industry using gantry hoist type structures.

The Checker

This program is highly regarded in the field of crane checking. It is not just related to the crane but lifting equipment of any kind can be inspected using this program. The best part of this program is that it can be used by even the non-professionals and the results are accurate and similar to professional inspection. The several modules or sections are integrated to make the program what it is. It also ensures that the end result is same as expected and the user does not have to go for another program at all. The management of the inspection report is also done by the program to provide a final presentable draft. This program is used by big industry names to check the issues with the lifting equipment.


It is also one of the programs which are used in the field of crane inspection and the results are awesome. It is a staunch fact that the OSHA and lifting equipment are closely related and therefore it means that the regulations are to be fulfilled completely. MAINMAN ensures that the OSHA regulations are fulfilled and the use of the program has been made simpler for the same reason. The process is completely integrated and changes itself as per the crane or lifting equipment conditions. The program is economical and therefore highly recommended for small and medium-sized businesses.


It is a program that works on both Android and iOS. The desktop version for Mac and windows is also available and work with same precision. Along with the crane, it also ensures that the surrounding area is also inspected and detailed report is provided. The program is very suitable for the users that have limited tech knowledge as it works on its own. The building-related inspections can also be carried out using this awesome program. Same results for every type of inspection is guaranteed.